Defined Contribution Plans

Defined contribution plans take on many forms but all establish an account for each partcipant. The employer makes contributions to each participant's account which is also credited with the actual return on the assets in the plan.

Profit Sharing Plan – A Profit Sharing Plan is a Defined Contribution Plan that provides employees with contributions made by their employer. In its basic form, this type of plan is the easiest to administer. 

401(k) Plans – Taken from Section 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code, a 401(k) Plan is a Profit Sharing Plan with a provision that allows employees to defer income on a pre or post tax basis and to have that income invested on their behalf.

Cross-Tested Plans – A Cross-Tested Plan is a type of Profit Sharing Plan or 401(k) Plan that allows the sponsor to choose how much to contribute to each employee or group of employees. It requires additional testing to insure it does not discriminate in favor of the owners and highly compensated employees more than allowed.


Services are customized to fit your objectives

  •      Plan Design
  •      Plan Documents
  •      Annual Valuation Preparation
  •      Calculation of Alternative Profit Sharing Contributions
  •      General Testing for Nondiscrimination
  •      ADP/ACP Testing
  •      Preparation of Form 5500

Also included in our services is continual monitoring of your plan to ensure that it remains in compliance with government regulations


"With their help, we have offered a 401(k) plan catering to our desires of employee and employer contributions since the year 2000." 
  - Mark Nearing, DDS